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Who are we? What are we doing?
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While recognizing that everything 
is connected to everything else, 
we still have to compartmentalize 
some things. We've divided the 
site into topic areas so that you 
can go more quickly to the 
specific information you want. 
What do the words mean?
          (Sustainable Living)

What do you want to 
learn about?
          Disengaging from the grid 
          entirely, or nearly so

     Survival skills
          Will become more and more 
          important as the grid collapses

     Converting from 
          Taking steps that make good 
          economic sense and help us 
          all become less dependent 
          on the grid and leave a smaller 
          environmental footprint

Basic Areas of Application
     Energy Production & Storage

Links to other Sustainable Living info

Uranium Mining in the Black Hills







Black Hills Sustainable Living (and Black Hills Permaculture) exists to aid those in search of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our aim is to identify methods of taking advantage of natural and renewable forms of energy production to produce what we need to live, and, perhaps, to be able to trade excess production with others for some of  their excess production.

We think it makes sense to use the powers nature already exercises to more efficiently warm, cool, clothe, house and feed ourselves.

If you want to "go back to the stone age" and attempt to live entirely without connection to the economic, political, and energy distribution grid, we think the information here will help.

We think it's more likely (and a more feasible approach) that you're interested in saving money (or its equivalents) while becoming less dependent on a power grid whose efficiency is subject to the whims of nature and man, and while impacting your natural environment less adversely.

No man-devised system is perfect, but some are obviously better than others. The advertisers who support this site provide, in our opinion, at least better (more sustainable) alternatives than more "conventional" solutions to specific challenges in construction of or conversion to a more sustainable lifestyle.




















The background images on most of the pages in this site are scans of Kiza Park Hemp Handmade Paper
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