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Black Hills Sustainable Living is principally staffed by Bob Newland and Scott Martin, both of whom know more about sustainability than anyone on President Bush's cabinet.

Its principal office is located at
24594 Chokecherry Ridge Rd
Hermosa SD 57744 
Now, for what we're doing.
(some thoughts by Bob Newland)

We're not sure yet. Scott and I both are acquiring knowledge about sustainable lifestyles, but neither of us would feel comfortable being labeled "experts" except, perhaps, on a very specialized skill that can be applied to a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We live in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We've both noticed a surge in interest in sustainable techniques among our acquaintances and in a kind of general buzz. In mass media, radio, print and tv ads are exploiting the words "sustainable" and "sustainability".

We plan, generally, to try to raise the consciousness level regarding the concepts of sustainability and permaculture in South Dakota and the Black Hills. This website will become a central point from which to reach for knowledge on a variety of topics associated with sustainability, sustainable living, and permaculture.