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Ditch the Disposables Campaign


 The “Ditch the Disposables” Campaign is a local effort to bring awareness, resources and simple solutions to reduce our negative impact on our health and the environment. Some of our actions so far have included encouraging residents and visitors to bring their own reusable bags, water bottles and containers for food and drinks. Whether you’re shopping or going to a potluck or picnic, we encourage you to “Ditch the Disposables” and work towards creating new habits and systems to restore planetary balance for generations to come. 

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Black Hills Friends Of Pollinators


This is an informal group of citizens living in the Black Hills of SD interested in promoting healthy environments for pollinators to thrive. 

  • We offer educational materials such as online information, handouts and virtual tours of local pollinator friendly habitats.
  • We have crated a beautiful Pollinator Friendly Habitat sign that you can obtain for your own garden to inspire others.
  • We offer a forum to share information about ideas, talks, workshops, resources, inspiration, community events and opportunities to network to support our pollinators.

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Join Our Team


It takes a community to get back to a healthy planet. 

We are always seeking members to join us.

  • Volunteer with one of our established programs.
  • Co -create new programs.
  • Help with events.
  • Become a sponsor. 
  • Introduce us to individuals, resources, groups or organizations that could support our endeavors. 
  • Share your ideas with us if you think they could create synergy. 
  • If you are not sure what you could do but you feel compelled to help, contact us and let us discover together. 

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Ditch the Disposables